Streamonix and partners are developing a revolutionary global Glass-to-Glass™ real-time streaming network to deliver live, high resolution digital media to a billion people.

  • True real-time, low-latency streaming
  • Glass-to-Glass streaming of video and metadata from camera lens to display screens
  • Camera metadata-driven enhancement of video playback and user experience
  • Comprehensive security
  • Protections against deepfakes
  • Spans internet core and 5G edge
  • Dramatically cheaper
  • Sharply reduced carbon emissions

Glass-to-Glass Live Streaming Network

8K live streaming demands a state-of-the-art, purpose-built network. We’re building our global streaming network from scratch to transmit high resolution live media with the lowest latency, highest security and least cost. Unlike conventional streaming, our Glass-to-Glass network begins at the camera lens and extends to users’ displays. Our network transmits HD, 4K and 8K live media directly from digital cameras, IoT sensors and other devices to the displays in millions – scaling to billions – of smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and XR devices worldwide – with the lowest latency, highest security and least cost.

Integrated Real-time Protocol

Our live streaming network features a next-generation, open source streaming protocol – the Integrated Real-time Protocol™ (IRP™) – that provides robust encryption, low-latency and unmatched extensibility to support the severe demands of Glass-to-Glass streaming.