Atomos & Streamonix MoU

Atomos Pty. Ltd. and Streamonix, Inc. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development, deployment and testing of a next-generation, real-time streaming Pilot Project that links Atomos Cloud Studio™ to the Streamonix Media Streaming Federation™ (MSF™) test network.

For the Pilot Project the MSF will operate as a one-to-many, real-time accelerator and delivery utility for streams produced in Atomos Cloud Studio. Through the Streamonix Cloud-to-MSF™ interface, Atomos Cloud Studio will offload live streaming to the MSF, enhancing the live streaming experience of Atomos users. The Pilot Project’s MSF will span select global locations and transmit live HD and 4K video streams from the Atomos Cloud to a large global audience with less than one second of latency.

The Pilot Project will demonstrate the ultra low-latency, ultra high bit-rate streaming capability of Streamonix technology and its suitability as the foundation for global-scale, real-time streaming applications such as live sports and entertainment, digital daily deliveries, and ProRes RAW production video file transfers. By leveraging the real-time power of the MSF, Atomos will explore the cost savings and production benefits that accrue from delegating live streaming work to a dedicated streaming utility.

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